FLOOD, Unit 3, James Joyce Street, Dublin 1

Monster Truck Gallery, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

9 - 24 August 2013


Opening Thursday 8 August

5.30pm - 7.30pm at FLOOD | 6pm - 8pm at Monster Truck


Black Church Print Studio presents Circulation, an open submission and invited exhibition curated by Paul McAree that takes place across two Dublin-based venues - Monster Truck Gallery and FLOOD - in August 2013.


Commissioned by Black Church Print Studio to curate an exhibition based on the word 'circulation', McAree has focused on ideas around modes of 'production' and 'distribution'. Expressing an interest in works which demonstrate an economy of means, using easily available and cheap means of production - leaflets, photocopies, posters, printmaking, flyers, collage - the show looks at and subverts an approach to looking at social or political issues, while at the same time displaying an awareness of the modes of display and exhibition making.


In a curatorial twist, and echoing the very nature of the theme, no work in the open submission process has been refused and every proposed work is being displayed, even if it is the actual proposal itself. The exhibition on the one hand makes explicit the diverse responses to the brief, and on the other, the democracy (or lack thereof) of the curatorial selection process.