International Residency

2018 Artist in Residence Winners

First Prize: Brian Curling

Runner Up: Jacomijn den Engelsen

Runner Up: Malgorzata Olchowska


In 2018 Black Church Print Studio expanded the current Annual International Artist-in-Residence award to include 2 runner-up prizes (3-wk full studio access). 



About the Residency Programme

BCPS International Artist-in-Residence programme was established to facilitate contemporary artistic practice in the Studio and to further the professional development of artists. It enables the creation and production of new work, fosters an exchange of ideas and influences and encourages the sharing of expertise.


• Emerging, mid-career and established professional artists are invited to apply.
• Selected participants in this programme will receive accommodation, basic materials, studio equipment and facilities usage and technical and administrative support.
• Artists will have access to etching, lithography, screenprinting and relief presses, and to multi-media and digital equipment.
• Travel and material costs are the responsibility of the participating artist.
• This year's Residency is scheduled for a single four-week term in July 2018.
• The successful resident will be asked to complete two editions of works completed during his/her residency and donate two prints from each to the Studio, one for the Archive Collection and one for fundraising.
• The resident artist will be required to give a demonstration and seminar during his/her residency.


All applications will be placed before a selection panel comprising a sub-committee of the Board and the Studio Technical Manager. The selection panel will give consideration to the proposal, quality of work and CV/experience.


Applicants must be practicing Printmakers. Irish residents are not eligible.


The closing date for receipt of applications is 28 February 2019. Application process opens 14 Jan 2019.


All applicants will generally be notified within six weeks of application deadline.


Hazel Burke, General Manager, Black Church Print Studio, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
+353 (0)1 677 3629 | |



Black Church Print Studio is an official Member of Res Artis Worldwide Network of artist residencies.


Previous Recipients:

2017 Recipient: Patrick Vincent

"My residency at the Black Church Print studio was an exceptional opportunity to create work and interact with artists in Dublin. The community that surrounds the studio is active and highly respectable; it was my fortune to discuss art and issues surrounding contemporary works in print with other artists/members there. For my own work, I was able to commit fully to explore new ideas and techniques in stone lithography. The Black Church Print Studio, is a unique place for international artists to develop work and connect with the generous art community in Dublin."

2016 Recipient: Gabriela Jolowicz


2015 Winner: Olga Danilova


2014 Recipient: Marta Chudolinska

'the biggest thanks have to go to the staff and studio members of Black Church Print Studio, who made my time with them so special. It was wonderful to meet and work alongside the studio members, to share our printing tips and tricks and to be inspired by their beautiful work'.

2013 Recipient: Tyna Ontko

'What a wonderful circumstance to have found myself in! Dublin is a gem of a city with lots to offer, I am so thankful to have been smack dab in the middle of it surrounded by such kind and helpful people at Black Church. This opportunity was both a productive and relaxing experience. I wanted to particularly say thank you to Rachael, David, Sean, and Colm for making me feel so welcomed and involved in the city, BCPS, and the surrounding arts community.'

2012 Recipient: Miina Laine

'Excellent print studio, beautiful people! This residency meant so much to me, I would be very happy to work with Black Church Print Studio again!'

2011 Recipient: Antonia Aitken

'Thanks for making my residency experience so friendly and supportive. I have had a great time and hope to return to Ireland again one day. You are all doing such a job of making a great Studio enviroment to be part of.'

2010 Recipient: John Pusateri

'This is a fantastic residency opportunity! Black Church Print Studio has great facilities and is full of fantastic members and helpful staff. I have very fond memories of my time in Dublin and I would love to go there again. I look forward to seeing the work of the next resident' 'Excellent print studio, beautiful people! This residency meant so much to me, I would be very happy to work with Black Church Print Studio again!'

2009 Recipient: Benjamin Moreau

'This is a fantastic residency. I loved my time at the black church print studio, and dublin is a great city to be in. Hazel, David, and Catriona and the members of the studio are all amazing people and very helpful. I think about going back often, and would jump at the chance to return and be involved with studio.'

2008 Recipient: Jessica Harrison

'As the first artist to undertake the lithography residency at Black Church in 2008 I can recommend it as an excellent print studio. The facilities in the workshop are of a very high standard and those running the space are incredibly welcoming and helpful. The workshop is right in the middle of the busy temple bar area of dublin so working there was a great opportunity to be immersed in Dublin life. I would recommend anyone keen to focus on their practice to apply for a residency here, you will get a lot done and it is a great place to work!'