Monika Crowley


Monika Crowley is a first class honours graduate from the National College of Art and Design. She has worked for 15 years in design and advertising studios and this has informed a bold graphic style that translates well to the medium of screen printing. Each project begins with a series of photographs as source material, these are deconstructed, then reformed and distilled into visuals with a striking but constrained palette. Monika has exhibited with Higher Pitch in London, with the Limerick Printmakers Studio and Gallery, at The Molesworth Gallery, Dublin and most recently at The Ranelagh Arts Centre.

About the work, DOMESTIC

This evolving collection of screenprints deals with the artist's memories of her childhood. There are two strands to the work, one element dealing with the home-baking of brown bread representing the banalities of providing for a family. The other strand relates to ice-cream, symbolizing instances of celebration and enjoyment and also hinting at the transience of childhood. Here we have the day to day balanced with the sense of occasion, the two elements of traditional parenthood - the mother and the father and how loaded those words have become in the modern lexicon.

Some women look back fondly on a time when mothers were not expected to juggle jobs and families. Stress, financial strain and guilt lend an air of nostalgia to reflections on the traditional structure of home. But for every working mother now who fantasises about giving up work there was surely a ‘captive wife’ then, trapped and frustrated by full-time domesticity.