Jordan McQuaid


Jordan McQuaid was born in Dublin. He studied Fine Art Printmaking at the National College of Art and Design Dublin, where he has recently graduated from. Jordan is currently practicing as a visual artist in Dublin, and working in the Jealous print studio in Shoreditch, London. He was awarded the Black Church Undergraduate award in 2015, the Black Church Recent Graduate award in 2016, and the Zygote Press Fellowship Residency award (expected) 2017. His works have been exhibited in several galleries around Dublin and London, and are in ownership of many private and public collections, including the OPW.



Jordan McQuaid's practice is primarily rooted in the process of silk screen printing, but his theoretical practice intends to uproot our preconceived notions of printmaking. His prints have taken the form of interactive portraits (Chalkboards, 2015) and sculptural works (Allegories of Play-doh, 2016).