Some Concrete Possibilities

11 - 30 January 2019

The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2


Black Church Print Studio presents ‘Some Concrete Possibilities' an exhibition featuring Cara Farnan, Garreth Joyce, Helen MacMahon and Lee Welch. Curated by Siobhán Mooney, winner of Black Church Print Studio Emerging Curator Award 2018.

'Some Concrete Possibilities' looks at the role of Chance and the different ways in which it impacts and influences the development of an artwork. Ideas of reappropriation, reimagining architecture, the magic in the everyday and the potential of experimentation are also explored.


Cara Farnan proposes to us the act of ‘weather-making', an act once condemned as witchcraft. Through a pair of abstract and fantastical sculptures Cara appeals to the viewer to consider the inherent magic and quiet monumentality of stuff - the strange quirks of and interactions between often familiar things. Windcaller tries to summon a wind and emits a low windy whistle at various times. The magnified, labour intensive pencil drawing of Model was created in the spirit of conjuring; solidifying the cyclic nature of its smaller companion. This smaller Model stores water in its tiny clay body, which will evaporate into the gallery and mingle with the atmosphere before being refilled again and again.


Garreth Joyce's prints have a tactile and arbitrary origin. The work stems from months of photographing the organic rips of layer upon layer of eroded posters then tearing and collecting these obsolete announcements from billboards and hoardings throughout the city. The results are an unpredictable collision of imagery, texture and colour, letterforms and logos, intended meanings are lost and new ones are revealed through the process. These digital collages restore order where it has been lost.


Helen MacMahon's Eidolon ignites the walls and ceiling with its glowing tendrils of light. Stepping into Eidolon the viewer enters a light painting; colour stretches its way around the architecture of the room. The word Eidolon is defined as an apparition, each viewer's immersion in and memory of the work will be unique. From its location in the window Interface engages the active and the accidental audience, it inverts the observers viewpoint offering altered perspectives that shift with each interaction.


Through the ancient ritual of divination, Lee Welch's paintings open up a world of possibility and intuition. A tarot card reading in the artist's studio was the genesis of these paintings; these works are coming from a series of such proceedings initiated by the artist. Ideas around chance, perception and the evolving and perpetually mutating nature of meaning are evoked exploring the relationship between artist, subject and viewer. The romance and associations of this mystic process and the effect it has on the sitter are more essential to the experience than the outcome of the reading.

Siobhán Mooney is an independent curator and arts administrator based in Dublin. Siobhán graduated from UCC in 2006 with a BA in Art History and English. Since receiving her MA form IADT in Visual Arts Practices in 2014 she has curated several shows including: The Wild Show, Iain Griffin (Eight Gallery, 2017); Offer, Claire McCluskey (MART 2016); Fortuna, Helen MacMahon (MART, 2015); The Butterflies in my Brain, Helena Hamilton (MART 2014); Temporary Sites, Group Show (MART 2014); ISLANDS, group show (MART 2014) and Henrietta's Dance, Deirdre Glenfield (de Appendix 2013). Siobhán received the 2018 Black Church Print Studio Emerging Curator Award.



This exhibition is kindly supported by Temple Bar Cultural Trust.

Exhibition running until 30 January 2019

Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12pm - 6pm.


Associated event: A&E Session: Artist Talk
17 January at 1.15pm, The Library Project.