Caoimhe Kilfeather

Black Church Process 2018/19

Master Printmaker: Alison Pilkington


Testimonial from Caoimhe Kilfeather


The invitation to work under the ‘Process' programme is a really great opportunity for me. Print is an area that is of much interest to me and something I have used in various forms over the years. However I have not had such sustained access to the facilities and expertise before. For me this will be an opportunity to explore an aspect of image making that is very new in the context of my work - namely how the abstract aspects of my sculptural work can be further explored. I have begun to use lithography and wood cut and this is already creating some new direction in my work.



Black Church Process is a Studio initiative that invites leading art practitioners from other art disciplines to work with the resources of the print studio. This programme offers an insight into the potential of printmaking while promoting and positioning it within contemporary art practice. The projects are intended to be an exploratory process, initiated by the artist's vision, and facilitated by the skills and experience of a dedicated printmaking team of master printmakers and print coordinators. Artists are encouraged to explore the various possibilities that printmaking present to them. The collaboration between artist and studio aims to give the practitioner a comprehensive understanding of the processes and concepts of this art form and to lead to new and exciting directions in their practice.