Tomasz Knapik


Tomasz Knapik was born in 1982 in Wroclaw, Poland where he studied printmaking and graphic design at Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design. Knapik is both a fine art printmaker (specialising in intaglio) and a graphic designer. He currently lives and works in Dublin and joined Black Church Print Studio in 2008 where he continues his art practice. His work has been exhibited internationally in China, Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Taiwan, UK and USA.


Artist's Statement

Materialising my art through the medium of printmaking requires a thorough investigation of all its capabilities and restrictions. Intaglio and its mirror image factor interferes with ‘seeing' during creation. My expectations don't become a reality until the image emerges at the final act of printing. This process requires me to use my intuition and develop connection with this medium, based on my growing understanding. I have limited my practice to substractive methods of intaglio. Every physical intervention of the plate leaves a permanent mark. The mark is often irreversible therefore the final impression is doomed from its impact.