Stephen Vaughan



Stephen Vaughan is an Irish printmaker and artist, native to Thomastown (Co. Kilkenny). He is influenced by a rich culture of arts, crafts music and design; all of this underpinned by the stunning natural heritage of the landscape and of course, being Ireland, a wealth of history. Looking further afield the influences of the modern world are not far away, and so these also play an important role in his work.


His etching and carborundum prints examine the varied landscapes and environments both internal and external that mankind inhabits. Anecdote plays a significant role in his work. The whole gamut of human kinds adventures, trials and tribulations, successes and failures, are explored.


Elements within some compositions reference architectural forms, representing the structures that man has devised for a functional society and civilisation. Visualised is the way in which mankind has imposed itself on the natural world. Compositional elements that are organic or apparently chaotic portray an oppositional viewpoint; nature as adversary to human enterprise. It is in the tension between these two forces that he places his mark.