Margot Galvin

Artist Statement

‘The power of attachment to a fixed location not only provides a sheltering structure in a complex and confusing world but has the power to direct and stabilise us, memorialise and identify us, to tell us who and what we are in terms of where we are'. Edward Casey

Finding our place within the world is an important aspect of human existence and attachment to place is a powerful component in informing and shaping our identity. A longing to belong, to be 'at home' somewhere is a fundamental human desire and it is this relationship between self and place I explore in my practice.
The consequences of 'placelessness' not only affects those who are literally displaced by involuntarily emigration or other tragic circumstance. Heidegger's concept of 'unheimlichkeit' or 'unhomliness' describes feelings of unease or anxiety, of not feeling at home in the world.
The remedy suggested to overcoming these feelings of emptiness and disorientation, is to travel, if not in actual fact, then in memory and imagination to the very earliest places we have known. Our 'primal landscape' or place of origin provides an exemplar against which all subsequent places are implicitly to be measure.The extent to which a ‘sense of place' or sense of belonging is developed by how closely our current environment echoes our 'primal landscape' is an idea I explore in my work.
The method used to explore this idea is by repeatedly walking ,drawing ,and 'mapping' certain locations.The works arising from this exploration may not be a straight forward imitation of initial observations but reconstructed 'interpretations' or responses to the experience of 'being ' in a particular place.The resulting works are a composite of visual fact, feelings, memory and imagination.
Place, how we relate to it and form ties to it is at the heart of my enquiry.