Chloe Brenan

Chloe Brenan's work hinges on minimalist interactions with objects, images and texts and often steps between the languages of film, print, installation and photographic media. Her practice is concerned with the methods by which order, structure and meaning are extracted and constructed out of an infinitely vague and nebulous reality, and the strangeness of ascribing objective meaning to subjective experience. The process of communication rarely moves in straight lines. Rather it gathers interferences along the way; it bends, refracts, quivers, dilates. She is interested in the points where signs fail and meaning collapses bringing to the fore the tension between the actual and its referent. She engages various literary, historical and filmic references to explore the intricate relationship between language, image, and experience. Works are generated in such a way that the apparatus of their making is revealed, so that the materiality, structure and content, is semantically integral to the piece's reading. Recurring themes are explored on a formal level, which include communicative gaps, translations, tissues/networks, cyclicality and mutability of fixed meaning.

Originally from County Carlow, she is currently based in Dublin. She holds a Bachaelor in Fine Art Print (distinctions) and a Masters from the Department of Fine Art Media both from the National College of Art and Design. Additionally she holds a Postgraduate Diploma (distinctions) awarded from the Department of Philosophy at University College Cork. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has received support for her practice from Thomas Dammann Junior Memorial Trust, Culture Ireland, Visual Centre of Contemporary Art Carlow, the NCAD Research Committee and Carlow County Council. She has a background in archival paper (National Irish Visual Arts Library) as well as archival film (Irish Film Archives). She is a member of artist-run space Ormond Studios, as well as Blackchurch Print Studio where she also serves on the Board of Directors. She teaches part-time in the Department of First Year Studies/Media at NCAD.