Ann Kavanagh

Artist Statement


My work brings together the aesthetic of structural man-made forms, resulting in a combination of etching and woodblock prints that carry a fragility and calmness.


Concepts and ideas begin from drawings and photographic images, I abstract certain elements to create a visual interpretation of my urban and rural surroundings. My prints are mainly abstract, combining woodblock and etching on Fabriano and Japanese papers. The printing process for me is a response to the materials themselves, erasing lines to create lines, mark making on copper and aluminum plates plus the accidental scratches that I choose to leave, editing until a composition begins to emerge. Each print is developed in conjunction with one another.


I work instinctively and as my urban surroundings become more intense, my emotive response to this is created by layers and depth of colour, contrast and textures found within my work.


While I make many similar prints, I have a personal preference to keep my prints unique and only make small editions.