Fiona Quill

Meiteamorfóis, Monoprint & Silkscreen
Print Workshop: Limerick Printmakers


For the print Meiteamorfóis in response to the 1916 events, I decided to examine the ideology around the 7 female leaders of 1916. Knowing that energy can not be made or destroyed, I depict the 7 notorious female leaders of the Rising as atoms, believing that their energy still exists today and that it existed before them. Such great energy could, perhaps, now be dispersed back into fighting for rights all over the world and maybe the women of the Rising were fuelled by those that fought for their rights and freedom before them. To embody the movement of Cumann na mBan I took the Hare as a symbol. The Hare appears all over Irish folklore. The goddess Eostre's chosen animal and attendant spirit was the hare. It represented love, fertility and growth and was associated with the Moon, dawn and Easter, death, redemption and resurrection. Eostre changed into a hare at the full Moon. Female warriors like Boudicca, who, it was said, released a hare as a good omen before each battle to divine it's outcome by the hare's movements. She took a hare into battle with her to ensure victory and it was said to have screamed like a woman from beneath her cloak. The transmigration of energy from one living being to another symbolises hope in the face of adversity and the power to change and transform.


Artist Biography

Fiona Quill is a practicing artist and member of Limerick Printmakers Studio and Gallery and also Chair on the board of directors. She is a lecturer in the department of Fine Art, Printmaking in the Limerick School of Art and Design. Fiona holds her MA in the History of Art and Architecture from the University of Limerick. She is actively involved in printmaking practice on a national and an international platform. She has participated in 24HR time limited workshops in Aviles, Spain and Limerick and Cork, Ireland. Fiona has shown work in China, Germany, the US, the UK, and Canada. She has also been a resident on the International SIM program in Iceland.

Fiona is currently working as artistic director on the Creative Europe project Symbols - Culture of Death and Cultural Life in conjunction with the Aviles Municipal Foundation for Culture (Spain), Maribor Cemetery (Slovenia), Genoa Municipality (Italy), Dundee & Angus College (UK) and Communaute de Communes du Nebbiu (France). 
She has coordinated several print exchanges with studios in Philadelphia (2011), New York (2012) and Berlin (2012).

Her own work examines the matriarchal role in the domestic environment and the fragility, vulnerability and strength of this role and also the habitation of rituals and behaviours it develops and encompasses. She embeds her work with the motif of fabric, primarily net-curtains and lace, these conceal and reveal at the same time. There are sexual and sensual references in using this material. It can be ornamental and practical. She uses bold colours, graphic imagery, and irony to challenge herself in the interrogation of this subject matter.

Fiona is a member of IVARO and the VAI and has work in the OPW, RTE, and University of Limerick collections.


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