Sylvia Taylor

Sadhbh breathes fire, Linoprint with Hand Colouring
Print Workshop: Cork Printmakers


Artist Statement

The images in my work have a narrative quality, and are typically inhabited by animal characters. When animals act like humans, it may be a bit absurd, but on a visceral level makes perfect sense. Themes of longing, vulnerability and loss are at the heart of my work. The nature of longing suggests irresolvable tension, an aching desire for something that is always just out of reach. Although much of my work is inspired by experiences and stories that are deeply personal, the underlying sentiments portray the human condition and thus are shared universally.



Sylvia Taylor received her Master's Degree in Fine Arts in 2002 from Vermont College of Norwich University. She has been awarded Artist's Residency status in Ireland, and is a member of Cork Printmakers. Prior to devoting herself to being a full time studio artist, Sylvia worked as a midwife, nurse, and teacher. Her work is exhibited internationally and her prints are in many private and public collections. She is originally from New York State and currently resides in Ithaca, New York.



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